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Great Ideas for a Birthday Baby Gift Basket

Know an infant who has a birthday turning up? You unquestionably want to get him or her something unique. The perfect child gift will please not only the infant, but more importantly the entire family. This is where so called birthday baby gift baskets come in.

In truth, if you are looking for a gift for a newborn or a one-year-old, what goes inside the present should absolutely take mom and dad’s needs into account, also. If you are looking for baby birthday gift basket ideas, here are 3 ideas suggested by “Gourmet Basket” and other reputable sources on the web.

  1. Dinner food basket for the parents

You mommies and stay-at-home papas out there will connect to this: after a super-busy day seeing child, doing a bit of cleansing, and possibly some shopping, the last thing you want to do is to make supper.

For the infant and his/her family, why not provide them a dinner food basket? A great one will have all of the dealings with for 1-2 complete dinners. Pasta suppers are a fantastic option, but anything that will not die after a week or more will be popular; you never know when the family will wish to take part in the scrumptious food in your basket.

Wait, you say: this gift is no enjoyable for the baby! Well, think about this: with a happier, more rested mom and dad at home, infant gets a more patient, delighted parent. And that could be the best present of all.

  1. Infant care basket:

Another way to assist a mother and father is with an infant care basket. You can include items like diapers, baby powder, rash lotion, bibs, a blanket, a pacifier and a rattle. Anxious that they probably already have all of this stuff? If you have actually ever been a mom and dad, you understand how rapidly all of these items can be soiled, used up, or lost. It is always great to have more on standby.

  1. Infant finds out basket:

For the 1-3 year old, how about some great learning materials for the kid? You can put age-appropriate books, CD’s, toys and DVD’s into the basket. If you decide to include CD’s and DVD’s, make certain that the household owns players.

Get more ideas for a birthday baby gift basket by visiting reputable websites like Check out some of the best deals on ready made gift baskets.


Three Steps to a Unique Gift Idea


Three easy steps to help you find a unique gift idea for a friend or family member for any occasion.

Understand Who the Gift is For

The first and most important factor when deciding on a unique gift idea is understanding who the recipient is. Start by taking some time to understand who they are and how they spend their time. In many case if you’re giving someone a gift you probably already know some things about them. Ask yourself questions like:

– What are their hobbies? Is there possibly a new, fun product related to their hobby that they may not know about?

– What is their work environment like? Is there a unique gift that could apply to their job either functional or aesthetically?

– How do they spend their money? If they are usually pretty stingy with their money then a designer brand gift may have less effect than someone who is more brand conscious.

Consider Unique Gift Ideas First

Don’t just settle for a conventional (and often times boring) gift, take some time to consider other possible unique gift ideas first. Most people have plenty of material possessions cluttering their lives and homes, so I would first suggest considering non-material gifts.

If you are giving a gift to a significant other or a close friend consider giving them an experience that you can share together. The experience can be as simple as a trip to the zoo or as complex as a vacation. Be creative. If the recipient is into sports, pick up some tickets to a minor league baseball game and spend a day together at the park. If they like being outdoors plan a short camping trip or picnic. If the gift is for a more casual friend perhaps a trip to a favorite local restaurant or bar might be a good idea.

If you decide that you want to give a material gift make absolutely sure that it is unique and worthwhile. The last thing most people need is something else that they’ll use once or maybe not at all. Consider gifts with excellent design or hard to find items that the recipient will truly enjoy.

Consider a Unique Spin on a Conventional Gift

If you can’t find anything truly unique that you think is a good gift then it may be time to consider a more conventional gift. These may include clothing, flowers, a fun new gadget, a gift basket, etc. When giving a more conventional gift consider taking a unique spin on one of these ordinary gift ideas. For example, rather than giving a pre-made gift basket, instead make your own gift basket. This lets you assemble a series of smaller unique gifts and create a very cool and person present for someone.

Above all else when you’re looking for a gift idea do not stress out. Remember its the thought that counts, but some thoughts are better than others. Best of luck in your hunt for the perfect gift!

Gift Baskets Makes A Great Gift


We have all been facing the situation one time or another when we need to get a gift for someone, but just don’t know what to get them. Here’s an idea for you – a gift basket!

We have all been facing the situation one time or another when we need to get a gift for someone, but just don’t know what to get them. Here’s an idea for you – a gift basket! Gift baskets make an excellent gift as each of them contains lots of smaller gifts. They are also great for you as you don’t have to waste lots of time wondering around a store searching for that perfect gift.

If you know someone who doesn’t feel well and needs a little TLC, a get well gift basket makes a great gift. Get well gift baskets should contain items to help them get over feeling under the weather. They should contain items that you too would love to have to help you get through getting over an illness or healing after a major surgery such as some nice hot tea to help you relax and perhaps a few candles and something for a nice hot bubble bath. While they are at home getting better, they will be thinking of you as you have helped make them feel a bit better.

Do you know someone who just loves food? A gourmet gift basket is a wonderful idea to surprise them with for their birthday or Christmas. Gourmet gift baskets can be tailored towards that person’s likes such as a cheese basket or a scrumptious chocolate basket. These types of baskets will contain a variety of items that they will surely enjoy. If they are the type that loves all types of foods, you can get a sampler basket that will contain different samplings of all types of food such as the cheese and chocolate, but also cookies and coffee, and maybe even caviar. Whatever you choose, their pallet is sure to be pleased.

A gift hamper is a great idea to give for a new mom and dad. You can have it tailored for a boy or a girl, or if you are not sure what the sex of the baby is, you can get some in a neutral color such as green or yellow. Baby gift baskets usually contain items such as a keepsake, a photo frame, and items for the baby.  Such gift baskets may have a little rubber ducky and a hooded towel or maybe a little blanket and pair of pajamas for the little one. But not to forget about mom and dad, they can include a nice candle and perhaps some herbal tea to help them relax over the sleepless nights to come.

Whether you know someone who is ill, loves food, or just had a baby, there are tons of unique gift baskets out there. You can also find a theme or an occasion for a gift basket. From the movie lover, to the fisherman, to the new bride and groom there is always a gift basket waiting to be given to them. If you are the creative type, you can always make your own gift basket putting little things you know they would love into a basket for them. Whoever is on the receiving end, they will know that you made the gift basket with lots of love and with them in mind.


A great place for you to start searching for that perfect gift is by visiting this website, where you can choose from a wide variety of get well gift baskets, gourmet gift baskets and much more.

Client Christmas Gifts


With Christmas just around the corner now is the time to give some thought to how you are going to gift your Corporate Clients.

I know that you want to make an impression but ask yourself one question …’What kind of impression do you want to make’? Without your clients, simply put, you wouldn’t have a business so you need to be sure that you get it right to ensure you will be long remembered. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘It’s the thought that counts’, but keep this in mind, the thought only counts when you actually put some thought into the gift you are giving. Knowing that you have to get some-one a gift and getting them any old thing isn’t thoughtful, it’s easy. 

I think we all know what it is like to receive something that makes no sense to us. Sure, we are grateful and we say all the right things like ‘Oh it’s beautiful and thank you so much’, but let’s be honest, as appreciative as we may be, a lot of the time we are really wondering if that person actually took any time to think about us at all other than ‘I must get that person a gift and that will do’! 

When you are personally involved with the people you are gifting it is easier to get it right but obviously it can be more difficult to gift a client that you only know within your business relationship; don’t lose heart though because it is still more than possible to ‘wow’ your clients! 

One tip I have for you is to steer away from inanimate objects that will eventually be put in the back of a cupboard somewhere never to be seen again. Instead try to find something that will tantalise at least one or more of your client’s senses. 

Another tip is to think about all the gifts you have received over your lifetime, now think about which ones captured your heart or are forever etched into your memory for one reason or another (in a good way!). I can almost guarantee that the things you remember were anything but lifeless or dull. 

Whenever I have been given beautifully scented soaps, oils, bath-salts etc… they instantly take me back to when I was a child and opening my birthday presents to find wonderful looking bubble-bath bottles in all shapes, colours and sizes and the aroma of them filling the air as mum poured them into mine and my sister’s night–time bath. I even remember them all being lined up in a row and how appealing they all looked and how good they made me feel. It was magical! 

I’m not suggesting that you will necessarily take your client back to a moment in their childhood or that you should even try but our five senses are so powerful that by seducing your clients senses with something that smells incredible, tastes divine, feels sensational,looks beautiful or sounds like music to ones ears you are sure to make a lasting impression one way or another; you only have to try! So make sure you send your clients a very clear message this Christmas by taking the time to be thoughtful and gifting them in a way that expresses how much you value them. Give a ‘wow’ gift!