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We offer all our clients a specialised service and tailor make gifts to suit your individual needs and budget – this website gives you a small indication of our product range but when it comes to customising gifts to suit your business the sky’s the limit and your budget our priority!  We are able to include your promotional material or products with any of your gift baskets, and coordinate all trimming and decoration to suit your theme or corporate colours.


At Beautiful Baskets gift giving is our passion and we take pride in creating a positive, lasting impression on your behalf.  Not only are we continually sourcing and supporting local, Australian businesses wherever possible; we also aim to keep our gift range up to date with the latest products that cannot be purchased from most general retail outlets.  However should you have other specific gift requirements we are more than happy to source these for you.  As memebers of Gift and Homewares Australia (GHA) we have the access and expertise to deliver on your needs.


The Top 3 Reasons for Gifting Clients:


Build Positive Client Relationships  Making a memorable, lasting impression can help generate future business and increases the likelihood of client referrals.


Give Your Business a Point of Difference – Unique gifts that show extra thought and attention really stand out from the crowd.


Just to Show You Care – It’s not only about the business transaction.


At Beautiful Baskets we pride ourselves on our customer service and we are able to source and customise gifts to suit your corporate needs precisely.


Our corporate clients include Real Estates, Banks, Insurance Companies, Franchises, Employment Agencies – just about someone from everywhere!  Why not get in touch and let us take the hassle out of your gift giving too?